User Manual Bluetooth Earphone ZNT GAME X

operation tws znt game x

User manual earbuds ZNT GAME X.

Wireless bluethoot headset dedicated for gaming games without delay, new high quality in ear. 

Product Display

Indicator light- 

Sound unit

Charging contact


Earphones Specification

Bluetooth Version: V5.0 Play Time: About 5 Hours
Impedance: 32e Standby Time: About 180 Hours
Product weight:61g Rated Input: 5V
Speaker Size: 8mm Frequency: 20HZ~20KHZ

Basic Operation

User manual tws ZNT

  1. Power on: Open Lid and earbuds boost up automatically; or Long Press for 3s. There is "Power on" prompt tone.
    Power off: Put earbuds back to case and close lid, earbuds are automatically off; or Long Press for 5s. There is "Power off" prompt tone.
  2.  Answer Call: Double Click
    Hang up Call: Double Click
    Reject Call: Long Press for 2s at coming call
  3. Voice Assistance: Long Press Left earbud for 2s
  4. Music Play: Double Click
    Music Pause: Double Click
  5. Skip Forward: Click Right Earbud three times
    Skip Back: Click Left Earbud three times
  6. Volume Up: Single Click Right Earbud
    Volume Down: Single Click Left Earbud

Bluetooth Pairing

  1. Left and Right Earbuds Pairing: Open Lid or Earbuds Power on status, L&R will pair automatically with each other.
  2. Bluetooth connected with device: Earbuds on and un-connected status, one earbud light will flash, Search for Pairing name "ZNT GAME X" on your
  3.  bluetooth device, Click connect and complete pairing.
  4. Connected Successfully: voice prompt "connected" 
  5. Auto connect back: after first successful connection, earbuds will connect to the last paired phone by default.


Game Mode

Long Press Right Earbud for 2s to Turn On or Turn Off Game mode, there is

"Game mode on" and "Game mode off" voice prompt. Earbuds Indicator

light do breathing effect when game mode on.


Factory Reset

① Delete "ZNT GAME X" Pairing record at mobile phone.

② Earbuds are on and unconnected status, double click earbuds, then click

5 times to clear paring data.

③  Put earbuds back to charging case, close lid. Follow steps in

"Bluetooth pairing" to reconnect and use.

Product Display

Indicator Status

  1. Unpairing: Green light quickly flash.
  2. Waiting for pairing: master earbud green light flash quickly, slave earbud light goes off.
  3. Pairing successful: indicator light goes off.
  4. Power on: green light flash three times.
  5. Power off: green light flash once, then goes off.
  6. Game mode off/Music mode: indicator light is off.
  7. On call: indicator light is off.
  8. Game mode: both earbuds light do the breathing effect.
  9. Low battery: green light flash once.


Charging Case Indicator

  1. Case being charged: Red light do breathing effect
  2. Case are Fully charged: Red light goes off.
  3. Low Battery: Red light slowly flash for 1 minutes then goes off.
  4. Earbuds being charged by case: Red light do breathing effect.
  5. Earbuds are fully charged: Three color light alternate breathing for 2 minutes then goes off.
  6. Earbuds was taken out of case: Three color light do alternate breathing for 2 minutes then goes off.

Other Functions

Timeout not Connected

Earbud will be off when fail to connect with device within 5 minutes

Bluetooth Disconnect

After successful connection, if the Bluetooth of Device is turned off or the Effective Bluetooth Distance is Exceeded (10M in the barrier-free environment), the Bluetooth will be disconnected.


Product Display

  • After using for a period of time, the contacts are oxidized, earbuds cannot be charged or turned on. First, use alcohol and cloth to clean the contacts and the two thimbles in the charging compartment to solve the problem.
  • When you put the earbuds back into the charging compartment, they will turn off and start charging; if you take it out again, they will automatically turn on and pair with each other automatically.



The recommended operating temperature range is: 0-35 degrees

excessive cold, overheating, or high temperature environments

will reduce battery life and affect product performance.

Do not use under thunderstorms.

· After a long period of non-use, please charge it before use.

Please use a dry soft cloth to clean the earbuds.

Accessory List

    Bluetooth earphones     X2
    Charging compartment     X1
    Charging Cable     X1
    Spare ear caps     X2
    User Manual     X1


Common Problem Earbuds TWS ZNT Game X

① The earbuds cannot be connected with the mobile phone?

     Please check whether the earbuds are in pairing mode, or back connected

     to other device, and check the mobile phone Bluetooth search function.

② The earbuds cannot be turned on?

     Please check if the earbuds are fully charged and charge it.

③ Can I replace the battery of earphone?

     No, these earbuds use a non-removable battery.

④ Can I use the earbuds while driving?

    You can use earbuds while driving, but it is not recommended to use a

    Bluetooth big headset while driving and minimize the volume.

⑤ The earphone is disconnected from the phone?

     The effective distance of this earphone is 10 meters indoors. If the distance

     between the mobile phone and the earphone exceeds 10 meters or there

     are multiple obstacles, the earphone and the mobile phone will be

     disconnected. Please keep the earphone within the effective distance.

⑥ After the earbuds are connected to a computer or mobile phone

     hear different sounds?

     Bluetooth is a wireless technology, it is very sensitive to objects between the

     earphone and the connected device. Please check whether there is metal or

     other objects in the connection range that affect the connection.

⑦  After earbuds are connected to mobile phone, can the earbuds

     be used to control the applications on mobile phone?

     The software settings of device applications may be different, so that the

     functions of individual applications can' t be controlled by earbuds.


Safety Problem Earbuds TWS ZNT

①  As there is a battery in the earbuds and case, please try to keep this

      product away from high temperature areas.

②  Please try to use qualified chargers and charging cables, and try to

      avoid using high current and voltage fast charging devices to charge

      this product.

③  The waterproof grade of this product is IPX5, please choose the

      appropriate scene to use this product.


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